Stainless steel American standard butt welding flange year-round spot

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2022-02-21 17:32

Connect the pipeline and maintain a good sealing performance of the pipeline; if there is a problem with a certain pipeline, it is convenient to replace a certain pipeline; the welding flange has certain technical requirements and technical parameters in production and use, the ring The butt welds shall be post-weld heat treated and subjected to 100% ray or ultrasonic flaw detection, and the radiographic inspection conforms to the Class II requirements of JB4730, and the ultrasonic flaw detection meets the Class I requirements of JB4730. The welding flange is manufactured and processed with certain welding standards and techniques, in line with the corresponding production standards and requirements of the country. The steel plate for the welding flange shall be ultrasonically inspected without delamination defects to ensure good quality and performance problems. It shall be produced and inspected according to certain quality requirements to ensure that there is no quality problem in the steel plates produced and used; It is cut into strips, bent and butt welded into a ring shape, and the surface of the steel is formed into a ring cylinder. In the production of Hafran, steel plates shall not be directly machined into neck flanges. This is the design flaw: the connection is dynamic, and cyclic loads such as thermal expansion and undulations cause movement between the flange faces, affecting the function of the flange, thereby impairing the integrity of the flange, *end Causes a leak. No product can be without defects, just try to control the lack of products to * less. Therefore, the company tries to improve the performance of the product when producing flat carbon steel flanges, so that it can play a big role. The entire device will require a great size and weight, which becomes a special problem in the offshore environment, because weight is always a major concern for people in this situation. Carbon steel flange application field Carbon steel flange is a kind of flange, which is widely used and promoted in the machinery industry, and has been well received and favored by users. Carbon steel flanges are widely used, and the scope of use is determined according to different characteristics. It is mostly used in the case of moderate media conditions, such as low pressure non-purified compressed air and low pressure circulating water. Its advantage is the price ratio.