Common causes of leaks in flanges

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2022-02-21 17:34

Common causes of leaks in flanges:

1. The wrong mouth, the wrong mouth is that the pipe and the flange are straight, but the two flanges are not the same, so that the bolts around can not enter the bolt hole leisurely. Some will use reaming or use small bolts, but this will reduce the tension of the flange.

2. The slanting mouth is that the pipe and the flange are not straight, and the flange faces are not parallel and different. If the internal medium pressure exceeds the load pressure of the gasket, it will leak.

3. Corrosion, corrosive medium A corrosion of the gasket at a long time will cause chemical changes in the gasket, making the gasket soft and losing the pressing force.

4. The wrong hole, the wrong hole is better understood, that is, the pipe is concentric with the flange, but the spacing between the bolt holes of the two flanges is too large, the bolt will generate stress, and the bolt will be cut off at a time, causing the seal to fail.